233 Miles


From Plymouth
To London

233 Miles is a new and exciting design festival created and developed by the students of Design Society Plymouth.

The festival is a design exhibition showcasing graphic communication students of Plymouth University and
a FREE series of talks from
5 prolific designers.

The festival is hosted by Pearlfisher design studio in their London gallery space, running from 6th-10th July with talks throughout the week.

Pearlfisher, 50 Brook Green, London, W6 7BJ.
(near Olympia)


Tue 7th - Fri 10th July
7pm - 9pm
(Public Viewing)


Tue 7th - Fri 10th July
12:30pm - 1:30pm
(Lunch provided by LEON)

Natalie Chung
& Sarah Cattle

Tuesday 7th July


Wednesday 8th July


Thursday 9th July


Friday 10th July


From everyone at 233 we would like to thank all of our sponsors for their various donations towards the event, whether it be tasty food, delicious drinks, brilliant printing, gorgeous paper, great magazines, professional filming or generous donations towards the funding.

The festival would never of been possible without all of your
time and help.

Thank You

An Inspiration
A special thank you is reserved for Darren Foley, Managing Director of Pearlfisher for first inspiring us to use the wonderful gallery space they so kindly donated to us.

Cheers Darren

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We like to give everyone a massive thank you who pledged towards our Crowdfunder and supported us.

Every donation from family, friends and industry designers was vital towards achieving our goal.

Without your generous pledges the festival would not be possible.

We hope you enjoy
your rewards!

Shaun jones
James Brocklehurst
Rebecca Matthews
Emily Andrews
Stephie Davis
Jack Irwin-smith
Les Aldrich
Sergio Felipe Ventura
Baz Lokat
Jamin Lean
Richard Clibbon
Matt Hocking
Emily Andrews
Lorraine Bell
Mr Clive R Eskriett
JoJo Burgess
Calum Coles
James Matthew Aldrich
Simon Merritt
Jonny Aldrich
Owen Jones

Dot Thompson
Thomas Bryant
Nicole Mackey
Helen Shrewsbury
Lee Clarkson
Dec Pike
Marcroy Smith
Benjamin Smith
Hannah Benjamin
Polly Hill
Ryan Clements
Richard Patrick
Lauren Gill
Chris Day
James Hoodless
Jordon Hill
Sarah Williams
Joshua Townsend
Samuel Bate Williams
Bryony Baxter
Kelly bush

Matthew Briggs
Alan Briggs
S Hill
Luke Pitcher
Audry Hancock
Mick Hancock
Terri Hancock
Carol Fowkes
Cyril Fawkes
Mr & Mrs Eskriett
Peter Jones
Ollie Eskriett
Jordon Hill
Nathan Hunt
Ernie Townsend
Matthew Down
Christina Brown
Mandy Sparks
Dom Rowland
Thom Skinner
Plymouth Uni

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